Ongoing Collaborations

Auxiliadora (Aucilia do Rosario), Rotterdam

Marlies Verda, kunstenares, Den Bommel

Platform Wijze Vrouwen - Aucilia do Rosario, Juliette Esajas + Merel van Haastert

Ongoing Projects

Event Stichting Vrouwenkracht en Diversiteit 
Planned date: mid/fall 2020
First exposure event of the foundation.

Project ColorWhite
Let's sit and talk -

November 2018 - ongoing
See seperate page on this website.

Past Collaborations

Project Van Ver & Dichtbij, students WdKA, Rotterdam
- podcast

Past Projects

Guestspeaker Kennisatelier - IDEM Rotterdam
April 11, 2019
During a gathering on the subject of 'Unseen Limitations' (Onzichtbare Beperkingen) for professionals working in the field of care, I was invited to speak about violence with the home, within a relationship.

Project for Education department of Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam
December 2018 - February 2019
I support art & cultural programmer Gyonne Goedhoop (Kreashon Konstante) with holding space and energywork during the conceptual process of setting up an educational program for young adults. Also I bring my expertise as a Project Manager in art sector to the table, as I contribute to the making of the project itself.

New Perspectives
June 2018 - March/April 2019
Art & cultural programmer Gyonne Goedhoop
(Kreashon Konstante) for Museum Booijmans van Beuningen, working together with CMU, Fries Museum en Van Abbe Museum
I added as a consultant of the art sector to the concept of this project.

Mama's Couch
September 14, 2018 

Art & cultural programmer Gyonne Goedhoop (Kreashon Konstante) for TENT Rotterdam, part of the overall program 'Multiperspectivity on identity'.
Mama's Couch is a ongoing series of intimate and informal meetings, losely inspired on the European tradition of salons. It gives rise to the strength of informal exchange of knowledge with a current twist.

Workshop Diversity (Yoni Tempel)
August 21, 2018

At the 7 day Vrouwenfestival Lorelei (all women's festival) Zoa Moeniralam, Gyonne Goedhoop, Elian van Esch, Bep Ruting and I did a 3 hour gathering on this issue of diversity in race, color, age and sexuality. We presented this workshop at this all white festival, in the bedding/support of De Grootmoeders, a group of elder wise women.

Workshop addressing the gap between women (Yoni Tempel)
August 26, 2017

At the 7 day Vrouwenfestival Lorelei (all women's festival) Esther, Anneke Lovert-Van Adrichem, Zoa Moeniralam and I sat a black and white woman opposite of eachother and through family constellation exposed the wound between women for it to be addressed.