zaterdag 10 oktober 2020

Today, thoughts, better, frustration, anger, pledge

Poem by Anne Vegter (Dutch)

I personally don't understand the concept of 'together' very well. It's something I struggle with to wrap my head around. But I do know this without a doubt: the 'together' that is pushed now to somehow overcome this illusive virus, this 'one size fits all'.... that ain't it. For damn sure that ain't it.

I do feel we are in a state of war, where we are unsure by what or whom we've been overtaken, and I don't mean that virus. People harass, bully, display behavior I thought we teach our childern is undesirable, with allmost no provocation just because 'only together we will beat this'. We let disrespectful run riot. 'For everyone's safety' we let anyone be treated horribly or live in unhumane circumstances, create unsafe environments, mentally and physically. We are deaming basic human behavior of connection, compassion, touching, loving as criminal. This is supposed to be indusive to what...?! We are spured on to be critical and judmental of and tell on eachother in the name of 'together'. Appearently you can tell at first glance who is (doing) right or wrong, act on those judgements, and everyone has gotten premission to do so... something I was taught was not possible. Discrimination is rampent. Openess, tolerance and acceptance have left us quicker then we thought possible.

All this time we've had big words about how we would stand up against injustice, that we would not tolerate it. We've even started wars over it, by force restore freedom and democracy. Us and our big big big mouths... We are learning very quickly that it is dificult to be critical, even resist, that knowing what is the 'right side' ain't that easy or even possible, even in our own homes, in our close circles.
Is this the best we can do? Really?! I can't even stand myself letting my kid go out into this chaos, with the pivilege to stay inside so I can pretend that I don't have to deal so much with all that's going on, letting God knows who struggle...

At any moment of the day I don't know what to do, how to act. Stay inside, hide under the covers, keep my mouth shut and hope and pray this will fly over...?! Stand up, speak up, speak out, resist, organise resistance with the risk of being harassed, bullied, censored, fined, arrested...?! Do I just focus on me, my child, family, friends? Do I go big and loud? When and where do I speak my truth? Am I allowed to still be me, is there space for me???

No answers or solutions from me, and that is no cup out. I will say this: I feel utterly disgusted by the society we are seeing now, and wether you hear/see me or not, I am one of many who are working for an inclusive world where all get to live their freedom, however they define that. That is my solomn pledge to Life.

My unpolished train of thought.

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Headband Amélie

A happy beautiful Amélie Picard with her own Crochet Twist Headband by The Lady Merel, 💟