zaterdag 1 augustus 2020

Impression 5th edition - Let's sit and talk


Change manifests in everyday life, done on a daily basis with a very long breathe.

White people are used to being praised for any good deed or achievement, and when not received most demand it by for instance getting angry at the person of color for not giving them attention. It is part of centering white. A white male gets praised, is called brave for openly admitting that he sees the error of his ways - being part of this white supremacist and patriarchal culture - and showing his vulnerability in his search for deconditioning anti-blackness. Author Layla F Saad (Me & White Supremacy) calls this behavior amongst white people ´getting cookies´ for performing just the bare minimum of basic human decency, which is what equity essentially is.

Showing up at anti-racism protests is indeed what white people should do, but mainly because they themselves want the change, equity and a fair world for all. There are dangers in terms of ‘getting cookies’ when showing up at protests if not done from an authentic place. White people could to go like ‘look how daring I am being, being at this protest’ or ‘look at me doing good’, expecting to be seen for it. And yes, standing up against the norm has the risk of being branded as traitor within white culture.

There is also danger in thinking that showing support for people of color and their claims, is the only thing a white person can do. It is a much heared sentiment. It actually shows that they are not putting in the hard work, applying themsleves with intelligence and creativity and figuring out what ‘showing up’ could also manifest as. What else is possible and what does that mean for me individually?

I just read an honest and painful observation by a person of color, stating while ‘BLM’ is voiced loud and widespread on social media, they don’t hear many white people having hard and difficult conversations on the terraces over drinks. While showing up at protests can provide instant gratification, and there is force in numbers, talking one on one or in a (smaller) group where others might see and hear you voice anti-racist opinions and in return might get offended by your views, feels and is much more vulnerable, risky. You will be held accountable, and that is what most white people shy away from.

Today with LET’S SIT AND TALK’ one person took the seat. Luckily it was a white male. During the conversation he voiced his irritation of being addressed as a white male in the current climate. When I mentioned that that is a sign that we as white people are not used to being labeled as a group, that we never see ourselves from that perspective, but as the general main culture which is never criticised or openly discussed, it clicked. He said that if getting to a world of equity where everyone is seen as a human being, meant that he had to feel and be seen as a part of a group and addressed in that manner, that would be the right route to follow.

Want to commit yourself to change as a white person? Join the community of Project ColorWhite and let’s figure out how to support eachother in stepping up.

Feminine guideline

Interesting this shows up at these times of further restrictions of personal freedoms, and the growing unrest with current (coming from and building forth on past) leadership. An aligned feminine guideline offered.

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If you’re feeling burnt out and resistance is starting to build up internally, then it’s a sign to step back and give yourself a break. In this state of surrender we are still making progress.

This is the feminine ‘recessive’ aspect of being that downloads, processes, feels and recharges. In these states you can gain clarity or perspective on things that are confusing or troubling you, nudging you back on the right trajectory in alignment with your souls calling. It also activates creativity.
Women tend to more effortlessly sink back into themselves and their emotions, whereas men feel more compelled to take action, as this energizes them. But life is a flux of surrender and action, and each individual needs to respect that balance.

We can normally detect when its time to reverse the flow of energy based on how we are feeling.
If we find ourselves continually frustrated and angry to the point of getting embroiled in endless debating, being obsessed by too many intricacies, or judging and projecting onto others, it serves to detach from those external triggers and allow the universal flow to work back through you, honouring the process and finding patience.

This requires a connection to our higher self and the trust that in times of introspection and relaxation, we can still serve ourselves and the world by anchoring higher energies.
Conversely, if we start to feel tetchy and restless, with an excess of energy that needs an outlet for its release, then that energy is well invested externally through taking well intentioned action that comes from a place of greater internal stability and confidence.

This way we are more likely to externalise a truth that is in greater congruence with our authentic self, rather than one formulated on logic and knowledge alone which can disconnect us from being.~

~Sami Richards