zaterdag 30 mei 2020

Do research on what you can do as a white person. You can ask questions here at
if you feel unclear on what racism and white supremacy is, how it shows up, how it is in you. Ask with an open mind to be educated. Do not ask people of color for emotional labor on these matters.

Ending, dismantling racism and white supremacy... It will be messy for some time to come, cause we all have no clue how we will get out of this travesty that's been going on for so long.
So get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. The work of anti-racism is painful and you are going to have let go of stuff you've become accustumed to, like the way our world has been run.

maandag 25 mei 2020

Now also on Instagram

Solid Ground can now also be found and followed on Instagram:

coaching/facilitator, energy work + social projects

vrijdag 22 mei 2020

New logo Solid Ground!

Excited to show the two versions of my new logo! The one with 'Merel van Haastert' will be my main standard logo. I'll be using the version with the 'The Lady Merel' for my more creative expressions.