dinsdag 31 maart 2020

Project ColorWhite Think Tank

Project ColorWhite
Think Tank

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Last week 3 women and I - white and mixed race with white upbringing - gathered online at my invitation to hold the first Think Tank meeting.
The aim of the Think Tank is to brainstorm about the project itself: finetune mission, what kind of activities, what form can the project take (foundation, platform), international or local, who could colaborate or participate, subprojects, into what fields could the project go to expand her reach, etc., etc.
We are from the USA, Sweden and NL, currently risiding in USA, NL and Saudi Arabia. Thus we bring varied life and cultural experiences, and perspectives. They are truely power women for meeting with me in this Think Tank, on this subject of anti-racsim and dismantling white supremacy.
The Think Tank will take four meetings over the next two months. From there all its suggestions, advise, recommendations and surprises will be gathered to roll with it, develop how Project ColorWhite will progress.

Let's see what the future will bring. The project is ready to expand, take on her role (within the large collective) even more so, because with the current state of our planet and sometimes too overwhelming impacts and effects of national measures and irreferble changes, this project is needed. The urgency has presented itself. We white women, womxn, people need to be on the frontline with everyone else to support the bid for the new world that is currently emerging.

Merel van Haastert
Solid Ground

zaterdag 21 maart 2020

Recensie / testimonial Solid Ground

Recensie / testimonial for Solid Ground by
Naomi Felesita, March 2020.
"In mijn één op één contacten met Merel heb ik mijn ongemakken kunnen delen over het staan voor mijn wensen en grenzen als krachtige vrouw in deze maatschappij. Gevoelig als ik ben is mijn valkuil om de harmonie te bewaren maar gaat dit soms ten koste van mezelf. Merel daagt en nodigt me uit om op te komen voor mezelf. Wat wil ik zélf? Welke ruimte mag ik claimen? Hoe voel ik me als ik die ruimte claim? Ze heeft geduld maar schroomt niet om met de vinger op de zere plek te drukken. Dat ervaar ik als positief want het helpt mij groeien. Ik kan Merel van harte aanbevelen als spaceholder voor welke situatie je dan ook zit. Merel werkt met de waarheid, jouw waarheid, niets meer en niets minder. En dat is waar we allemaal naar mogen leven. Dankjewel Merel!"
"In my one on one contacts with Merel I have been able to share my discomforts in standing for my wishes, desires and boundaries as a powerful strong woman in this society. Sensitive as I am my pitfall is to keep the harmony, which is sometimes at my own expense. Merel challenges and invites me to stand up for myself. What do I want? Which space can I claim? How do I feel when claiming that space? She is patient, though doesn't hesitate to put her finger on the sore spot. I experience it as a positive, because it helps me grow. I can recommend Merel whole heartedly as a spaceholder for whatever situation you find yourself in. Merel works with the truth, your truth, nothing more, nothing less. That is where we all are invited to live. Thank you Merel!"

woensdag 18 maart 2020


This is essential, vital to our wellbeing, vital for our collective, our world, our Earth, our planet. It is one of the things the current global crisis is showing what our lives are really about and how need to find ways to support ourselves and eachother in a sustainable way, in connection with all originating from a healthy awareness of self.

I am going to develop a series or something like that on all these elements. I will be posting more about that in the near future.

zondag 15 maart 2020

Invitation for connection

I personally feel that in these current circumstances I am being invited to rise to something I don't fully see or understand yet. Besides being strongly connected to myself and the collective and keeping that connection, there is yes a little fear lurking in me for change I can't seem to grasp just yet. What is it I need to acknowledge or expand? I guess that makes me human in the face of evolving change.
First thing I feel like saying is: to anyone who wants or feels they'd like to connect, share, have someone listen, I am open to having online cups of tea/coffee and just talk/listen. With the mandatory slowing down over the next couple of weeks here in the Netherlands I want to make time for that. This is not a selfless act, I do this for me too.
(Note: I practice Radical Selflove. Jokers who slide me funky DM's or such, or anyone making fun of this in any way, I will block without explanation.)