vrijdag 12 april 2019

Project ColorWhite will be hosting a series of 5 meetings to explore, starting our journey to redefine white. The series will consist of the following:
1. Sense of safety (Veiligheid) - May 11, 2019
2. We are (white women) - May 25, 2019
3. Impact, what's the cost of racism - June 1, 2019
4. Our culture, let's (re)define - June 15, 2019
5. Conscious Language, taking responsibility - June 22, 2019
On the Facebook page of Project ColorWhite you will find each event specified.

This series is for those conscious awaken white women who grew up in white Western societies, who are willing to dive in. The meetings will be conducted in the spirit of women circles to insure sisterhood and safety for all. These gatherings are for us to talk where we've not done before. We commit and connect.
There is room for 12 women, with a minimum of 5. On request participation through Skype will be possible.

Each meeting will take 3 hours and some time to gather over food, potluck style.

The cost per meeting is 25,00 euros (incl BTW). When you book for the entire series you will get a discount of 5,00 euros per meeting, meaning 100,00 euros (incl BTW) for the lot.
- Meetings are paid in advance and by bank transfer.
- Placement is finalized when the payment is received.
- Refund when you cancel up to a week before a meeting. Refund when you booked for the entire series only up to week before the start of the series. No refund after these dates.
To regsiter send a PM/DM or send an email to connect(a)solidground-projects.nl.

Project ColorWhite is a part of Solid Ground (www.solidground-projects.nl). You can also support this project and my other work through becoming a Patron on my Patreon page, www.patreon.com/solidground

1. Sense of Safety (Veiligheid)
Exploring the sense of safety within white societies. What does violence mean to us, how do we define it? Do we experience safety and/or violence? What are the area in which safety and/or violence are an issue? Do we feel safe or not?

2. We are (white women)
When women gather mountains move. Who are we? What are our roots? How do we describe ourselves? What are our qualities, capacities? Does white play a role? Who do we like to be, achieve? What do we need? Is there stuff we are missing?

3. Impact, what's the cost of racism?
Where has racism and white supremacy hurt us? What has it taken from us? What is our position in relation to racism? How the system of white supremacy look and how does that effect us? Where lies our responsibilty?

4. Our culture, let's redefine
What is white? What is our culture, how do we define it? What are our values? What is our heritage? What place do we have and take? What do we want for ourselves?

5. Conscious Language, taking responsibility
Freedom of speach is held as one of our highest goods, but misused so much. How do we infuse this speach in such a way that it carries e.g. connection, community, inclusion, equality. White Fragility, White Feminism, White Women, White culture, Centering... these concepts have a certain relation to racism. What words would we use? How do we use our words? What do we want to say about ourselves? What would we change?

dinsdag 9 april 2019

Empowerment training by Nel Willekens

On April 6 us members of the foundation received an empowerment training by Nel Willekens, socioligst, teacher, coach, feminist and also co-founder of the feminist activist group Dolle Mina and writer of the book 'Wat bezielt haar'. During the training she joined our ranks and became a member of the foundation to support the build-up process.

From the left: Zoa Moeniralam, Nel Willekens, Delzita Dju, Gyonne Goedhoop and me. Melanta Ayon is our other member.

The GROUND of Project ColorWhite - April 2019

Let´s be clear from the get go... Project ColorWhite is answering the call that´s been expressed for a long time: for white people to do their own (inner) work in relation to the ending of racism and the dismantling of White Supremacy and its system, taking full ownership and responsibility for themselves, while not relying on the emotional work of BIPOC. Project ColorWhite is about redefining white as people and as culture, in order to able to take its proper place between all cultures and narratives. The project does not aim to seek and find the absolute answers to the problems of racism and White Supremacy. It is to find the ground from which we as white people and culture can start re-relating to any other human on this earth, to communicate from our whole selves.
Project ColorWhite stands to find a new narrative as part of a bigger whole with respect for all narratives.

Here is where we lay the foundations, our starting point.

· Project ColorWhite is a journey, exploration, discovery, the start of a quest to redefine white and finding the parameters for who we are as white people and culture and how we want and will to contribute to a (new) world beyond racism.

· Project ColorWhite aims for equality, equity, inclusivity for all by focusing on the part(s) we white people play and will play, delivering our best through the process of contribution.

· Project ColorWhite is about creating community, movement - based on the principles of creating and holding safe space - which acts from our inner wholeness. When we act from wholeness we are open and will be laying new healthy foundations.

· Project ColorWhite will create and affect through the principle of the ripple effect. It starts with us, individually and as a community.

· Project ColorWhite will act organicly throughout her processes. Connection and the willingness to keep on diving deeper within ourselves, are key.

· Project ColorWhite provides space to explore, a community. All have to be able to carry themselves, have self-responsibillity, and do their own inner anti-racism work. We provide support, not emotional labor.

· Project ColorWhite aims to redefine our position in relation to racism, e.g. White Spirituality, Cultural Appropriation, White Saviorism, White Feminism, White Centering, White Apathy, White Expceptionalism. We will claim our own process, language and development.

· For this moment at the start Project ColorWhite is for those conscious, awoken, courageous white women, mixed women passing as white, who grew up white in mainly white societies. Project ColorWhite believes in the wisdom and power of women, individually and when they gather, and supports the re-instatement of Feminine Power.

· Colaboration with BIPOC within the project can only be achieved when the project has reached levels that garantee the safety of BIPOC.

· Project ColorWhite believes that only through community, gathering, coming together we will be able to reach higher grounds.

· Project ColorWhite aims to be better ancestors, provide models to move forward out of racism into this new world.

· Project ColorWhite practices non-violent communication and holds respect as one of its highest norms. Check seperate posts on 'GUIDLINES of Non-violent Communication' and 'Rules of Engagement'.

Join! Let’s do the work!

PS: These foundations will be fine tuned, updated, added to as the project, community moves forward.

vrijdag 5 april 2019

IDEM Kennisatelier 'Ontzichtbare beperkingen - Integratie in de breedte'

Volgende week donderdag 11 april ben ik één van de gastspekers bij IDEM's Kennisatelier 'Onzichtbare beperkingen - Integratie in de breedte'. Dit kennisatelier is voor professionals in de zorg in Rotterdam. Ik zal mij richten op veiligheid en geweld binnen een relatie en welke invloed en gevolgen deze onzichtbare beperking heeft.
Voor meer informatie: idemrotterdam.nl