vrijdag 22 februari 2019

Radical Selflove up to Maxium

Rules of engagement
I have posted these rules awhile ago on Project ColorWhite. Today it has become clear to me they need to be up, front and center, everywhere in my life.
They are inspired by Layla F Saad when I read about her practice of healthy boundaries and self care during her 'Me & White Supremacy Challenge' (now a workbook, free to download), July 2018.

So let’s get clear…
1) I practice Radical Selflove. I come from a place of Love, Abundance and being whole. Therefor I won’t defend or explain my own healthy boundaries of what I do or do not allow around me and in connection with me.

2) When coming into this space, my business Solid Ground, work and projects I do, but also my other spaces on FB and Insta, or any physical space where you might encounter me, you need to be able to carry yourself, be fully responsible for yourself, for whatever stirs up in you when you might get uncomfortable, get triggered, get emotional. I hold space for myself and work I do anywhere, but I am not doing any emotional labor for anyone. If you invite me or ask me, I will stand by you, but the work is yours and yours alone.

4) Educate yourself. You are an intelligent human being. I am not responsible for your level of being, awareness and knowledge. Again, no emotional labor will come from me.

5) Respect is the formost requirement when dealing with me in this space… or actually anywhere else. We listen to eachother and acknowledge that everyone is in their own process at their own pace. If you are being disrespectful and/or hateful or express yourself in a manner which is less then respectful, you will be blocked, no explanation, no discussion.

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