Yoni Tempel

Website: yonitempel.nl (Dutch)
Facebook: @yonitempel

Photo by Naomi Felesita

The Yoni Tempel is the Womb of Rotterdam (The Netherlands). A sacred place where women are welcomed to come heal. A place where a Woman is welcomed as herself. The Tempel gives her a warm place to be who she is, lets her explore.

The Yoni Tempel was initiated by Zoa Moeniralam. Now Zoa and Merel are the core Goddess team who through feminine power and diversity create magic. Their aim is to restore female/feminine power and create an inclusive world.

Photo by Present Pictures

The Yoni Tempel is inclusive and organises women circles to gather women/femme from all sides and cultures to create a bedding for themselves and eachother by performing connective rituals. Creating and manifesting Sisterhood.

Yoni Tempel
Zoa and Merel