Solid Ground PATRONAGE

It is possible for you to support my work through Solid Ground PATRONAGE.
You honoring my work in this tangible way as a patron goes towards me being able to work, study, gain further knowledge, share, develop and do projects, and aid my ongoing personal development as a Crone, a Wise Woman, so I will be able to keep delivering with quality, depth, my heart and soul, and share my personal best with the world. When you choose to pledge as a patron, you choose to do so because you believe in doing the work to create a different world, a world of inclusiveness for all.

Thank you for believing in and supporting the work I do, the change at large I aim for.
Your contribution as a patron is highly appreciated by me.

Love, Merel

Tiers of Solid Ground PATRONAGE

Tier 1 - I LOVE to be a patron of Solid Ground, your work makes a DIFFERENCE
starting from 15,00 euros per month

When you choose to pledge as a patron of my work, you are making a monthly contribution to support Solid Ground and the overall work I do.

Tier 2 - Your work makes a DIFFERENCE
starting from 45 euros per month
Next to supporting my work and development of Solid Ground, you will get access to once a month online Q&A sessions with me.

Tier 3 - Donations
variable amount

One or several limited donations are also possible. You can contact me about this.

Tier 4 - Part of Coaching/Facilitator Trajectory
45,00 (individual support), 140,00 (business support) euro per month,  variable length of time.

This Tier 5 is specifically for the ones who follow a coaching trajectory with me. Next to the coaching/facilitator sessions you will receive guidance between the sessions.


First I would like to become financially independent so I can support myself and my son. I can do that when I reach 1750,00 euros a month. (*) At that stage I will have all my basic needs covered while doing the work I love and are here to promote.

After reaching the first goal I’d like to invest in my development and deepening my knwoledge of acient wisdom, rituals and traditions. For this I need to have an income of 2500,00 euro's a month.

When I reach 3000,00 euros a month, which is my third goal, I can invest in travel to gather, learn from sources, and extent my work to a wider circle internationally.

(*) My income consists of several parts like coaching/facilitator, energy work, social projects, writing, creative work, being a part of the Stichting Vrouwenkracht en Diversiteit and the Yoni Tempel, and this patronage branch.

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