About Solid Ground

Welcome! I appreciate you being here.

My name is Merel van Haastert, I am the founder of Solid Ground. I am a Wise Woman, a Keeper and through my own business I do energywork and socially engaged projects. You can call it Interim Facillitator as I step in when a person or process needs guidance/support to move ahead. I bring and create solid ground. When invited I listen, guide, hold space, challenge individual and overriding processes and conditioning, wether personal or business. My aim is to support, assist evolvement and strenghten self. I work from the universal law of Respect, practice healthy boundaries and Radical Selflove. My special missions are: 1) to re-instate Feminine Power/Strength, the recognition of WOMAN and feminine energy in all, and 2) become a better ancestor through anti-racism work, dismantling white supremacy, redefining white and white culture in order to be a contributing part in the creating of an inclusive world.

Photo by Wim Barzilay

I have a background in the creative. I was trained as a professional ballet dancer. I have experience in the areas of art, international development, Human Resources, styling and interior design, and worked as a Project and Office Manager. I am what you call an allrounder, which I consider to be a strength.

You are welcome to look through my projects on this website.

I am humbled to be able to have this work of a Wise Woman and Keeper registered as an official business. That is something to acknowledge, because for centuries this has not been possible. I stand on the schoulders of many great great women/femme, most of them forgotten, unmentioned. Because of that lineage I can be, take my rightful place and prosper.

Want to support my work? You can through becoming a patron on patreon.com/solidground I receive all donations with and in gratitude.