ABOUT Solid Ground

Welcome! I appreciate you being here.

I am Merel van Haastert, founder of Solid Ground.
I am a Crone, Wise Woman, Keeper, Dancer. Through my own business I coach, facilitate, do energy work and socially engaged projects. You can call me a Interim Coach/Facilitator as I step in when a person or process needs guidance/support to move ahead. I bring overview and create solid ground. I am a vessel trhough which knowledge and wisdom manifests. When invited I listen, guide, hold space, challenge individual and overriding processes and conditioning, whether personal or business. My aim is to support, assist evolvement and strengthen self. I work from the universal law of Respect, practice healthy boundaries and Radical Selflove.
My two special areas and missions are: 1) to re-instate Feminine Power/Strength, the recognition of WOMAN and feminine energy in all, and 2) become a better ancestor through anti-racism work, dismantling white supremacy, redefining white and white culture in order to be a contributing part in the creation of an inclusive world. I am an activist in both.

Photo by Wim Barzilay

I have a background in the creative. I was trained as a professional ballet dancer. I have experience in the areas of art, international development, Human Resources, styling and interior design, and worked as a Project and Office Manager. I am what you call an allrounder, which I consider to be a strength.

I am humbled to be able to have this work of a Wise Woman and Keeper registered as an official business. That is something to acknowledge because for centuries this has not been possible for women/femme. I stand on the schoulders of many great great women/femme, most of them forgotten, unmentioned, written out of history. Through that lineage I can be, take my rightful place and prosper.

You are welcome to look through my blog and projects on this website.
Want to support my work? You can through becoming a patron. Check out 'Solid Ground PATRONAGE'. I receive all donations with gratitude.

Merel van Haastert
November 2018

Services of Solid Ground

My work can be devided in 6 categories of services I provide.

1. Coaching/facilitator trajectories
You can call me an interim coach/facilitator, someone who - when invited - will create a solid ground for you to explore, in order to be able to find your own innate strength and knowledge. I offer a trajectory where I will guide you myself and also if needed refer you to other coaches, recourses, etc. In the process I will give honest support while maintaining overview over the entire process. I will work with you for as long as the open exchange is possible and the invitation remains. My goal will always be empowerment of the Self, reconnection with your unique authentic way of being.

The main area I provide support in is personal development, which can take the form of coaching/facilitator related to your private life and work-related issues, and also styling and interior desgin.

My coaching/facilitator sessions will start from 150,00 euros per hour, plus individual patronage per months starting from 45,00 euro per month. The possible referals will be extra.
When you invite me to support your particular process, there will be an intake. We will discuss the length of your individual trajectory.

2. Energy work, rituals
As a Crone, Wise Woman, Keeper I provide rituals for individuals and groups. These rituals are related to all stages of life. When invited we will work together and find something that fits whatever needs to be expressed and marked in time for you. It can be a ritual or we do a gathering in the tradition of women circles, dance, guided meditation, story telling, speach, talking stick.

Due to this being specifically tailormade, this service will start from 350,00 euros and up.

3. Social projects
In my two special areas of interest - Feminine Power/Empowerment and Anti-Racism for white people - I instigate seperate projects. For instance like Project ColorWhite, see seperate page.

4. Sharing Expertise
I can be hired as an expert to speak, share, write, guide on subjects related to Feminine Power/Empowerment, Radical Selflove and Anti-Racism for white people. I also guide dance experiences.

I charge a minimum of 250,00 euros per request. The overall price will be discused in and put in an offer after the initial contact.

5. Writing
I love expressing myself through writing. I adore language and developing, exploring language. I share my thoughts and observations in quotes, posts, articles, reflections here in my blog and on Instagram (see link in the column of the left of the screen, under my contact information). In future I might attempt writing books.

6. The Lady Merel - the creative
Under the 'The Lady Merel' I express my creative side. I sew, do interior design, fotography, dance. Examples of some of my work can be found on Pinterest and Instagram. See the links the column on the left on the screen, under my contact information.
Prices for items are per piece.

(Prices mentioned are ex VAT. Prijzen zijn ex BTW.)