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I appreciate you being here.

I am Merel van Haastert. Let me explain what Solid Ground is, what I do and who I am.

What is Radical Selflove and -care through SOLID GROUND?

It is a practice where by making yourself top priority in your life and taking care of yourself first, you are able to give and share your best self and full potential with the world. I believe life is given by Universe (which is how I call the Divine) for us to learn to live and to add ourselves, our unique selves to that same creation. I believe life is meant to be full of love and enjoyment. Pleasure is the measure of a soul being emotionally and spiritually fully stocked and able to give from abundance. I believe you and I are always supported and encouraged to live our fullest most wonderful self. The world needs you and I exactly as we are. I live and breathe this practice. It is the basis and ground on which I create my life and do my work.

Are you at a crossroad and wonder about life, your life and where it is going? Do you find yourself in the midst of change and transformation? Do you feel uncertain of your next step or if you’re moving in the right direction? Either in your private life or at work in your career. Do you feel your foundation is unsteady or becoming rocky? Do you have difficulty with pinpointing or having a clear vision of what it is you want? Do you find yourself in circumstances which are no longer fitting or even feel unpleasant or unsafe? Could you use empathy and compassion while you are finding your way ahead?

It is important that you know that I do not have THE answers. I do walk alongside you, help you keep your bearing. Together we explore. As a coach, Crone, Keeper and Wise Woman I provide support and overview. When invited I listen, guide, focus, translate, make visible, zone in and hold space. I share insight and knowledge, and challenge individual and overriding conditionings and patterns. I am unconventional, bold, unapologetic and honest.That is the Solid Ground I create.

I have a background in the creative. I was trained as a professional ballet dancer. I have experience in the areas of art, development coorporation, Human Resources, styling and interior design, IT, and I worked as a Project and Office Manager.

I feel humble to be able to have my work as a Wise Woman and Keeper registered as an official business. Something to acknowledge because for centuries this has not been possible for women. I stand on the shoulders of many great great women, most of them forgotten, unmentioned, written out of history. Through that lineage I can be, take my rightful place and thrive.

You are welcome to look through my website.

Want to support my work? Check out 'LEVERAGING SG'.

Merel van Haastert

April 2022

Services of Solid Ground

My work can be divided into four categories.

1. Coaching

I offer a trajectory where I will guide you, and if needed refer you to other coaches, resources, etc. The main area I provide support in is personal development, which can be related to your private life and/or work-related issues.

Possible referrals will be extra.


2. Social projects

In my two special areas of interest - Feminine Empowerment and Inclusion for white people - I instigate separate projects. For instance 'Let's sit and talk'. See separate page.


3. Sharing Expertise

I can be hired to speak, share, write on subjects related to Feminine Power/Empowerment, Radical Selflove and Inclusion for white people.


4. Bemiddeling bij arbeidsconflicten (Dutch)

Seperate page.

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