ABOUT SG (English)

I am Merel van Haastert, energy & lifecycle support guide.

 Want support harnessing your inner source and power, facing obstacles and challenges, put your feet on solid ground and be able to create your best life?

I guide towards sovereignty and autonomy, solid ground so to speak, for you to be able to live your best life. It is important that you know:  I follow your lead and not a certain method; answers will come from you, I do not have THE answers. As a Wise , Crone and Keeper I provide support and overview. When invited I listen, focus, translate, make visible, zone in and hold space. I challenge individual and overriding conditionings and patterns. I am unconventional, bold, unapologetic, sovereign, autonomous and honest

Aside from being a support guide, I share my insights and knowledge through my newsletter 'Plant your feet on SOLID GROUND'. I also do social projects like 'HUGS + Let's sit and talk' and provide workshops on dream analysis and language.

I have a background in the creative. I was once trained as a professional ballet dancer. I have experience in the areas of art, development coorporation, Human Resources, styling and interior design and IT. I worked as a Project and Office Manager.

Would you like to support my work? Check out the 'SG kaart / card' page.

Merel van Haastert
March 2023