ABOUT SG (English)

I am Merel van Haastert, energy & lifecycle support guide.

It is important that you know the following:  I do not follow a method and do not have THE answers. As a guide I am not goal-oriented that way. As a Wise , Crone and Keeper I provide support and overview. When invited I listen, focus, translate, make visible, zone in and hold space. I challenge individual and overriding conditionings and patterns. I am unconventional, bold, unapologetic, sovereign, autonomous and honest

Aside from being a support guide, I share my insights and knowledge through my newsletter 'Plant your feet on SOLID GROUND'. I also do social projects like 'Let's sit and talk' and provide workshops on dream analysis and language.

I have a background in the creative. I was once trained as a professional ballet dancer. I have experience in the areas of art, development coorporation, Human Resources, styling and interior design and IT. I worked as a Project and Office Manager.

I feel humble to be able to have my work as a Wise Woman registered as an official business. Something to acknowledge because for centuries this has not been possible. I stand on the shoulders of many great great women, most of them forgotten, unmentioned, written out of history


What is Radical Selflove and -care through SOLID GROUND?

It is a practice where by making yourself top priority in your life and taking care of yourself first. I believe life is given for us to learn to live. I believe life is meant to be full of love and enjoyment. Pleasure is the measure of a soul being emotionally and spiritually fully stocked. I believe you and I are always supported and encouraged. I live and breathe this practice. It is the basis on which I create my life and work.

I make things visible, my presence brings forth what needs or is wanting to surface. Through this natural ability of my soul I am capable to see masks or masking, layers, conditioning for what it is, behind it, above, below, beyond. I see or things are revealed to me, and it feeds my appetite for understanding people, earth, processes. Someone who just met me said what I hear a lot: "You have that vibe that anyone can talk to you about anything. I feel comfortable telling you stuff and not judged." There is not much that shocks me (anymore), I can hold space and listen to just about anything, and I have. I am constantly in awe about the depth of our human experience, and I mean in all its complexity, shadow-sides and the downright ugly too. It doesn't mean there aren't any personal reactions or judgements, I practice healthy boundaries and Radical Selflove and -care. I have learned that me keeping my space gives everyone else space too, room to breath, to just be. And through that practice I can hear and leave responsibility with the other person. That's how I learn everyday, see beauty, love, abundance, suffering, heartache, loneliness, miscommunication, violence, abuse, innocence, manifestation. I have no desire for all of us to be the same. You can be opposite of me in what you believe, or what I would tolerate in my life, I will still see human and listen.


Solid Ground

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Merel van Haastert
January 2023

Services of Solid Ground

My work can be divided into four categories.

1.Energywork and sharing expertise

In posts on my social media and via my newsletter ‘Plant your feet on SOLID GROUND’ I share insights, knowledge and wisdom.


2. Projects

I am interested in sovereignty, autonomy, Feminine Power/Empowerment and inclusion. Like for instance in my project ‘Let’s sit and talk’ and he workshop series ‘Create Your Dream Language’.


3. 'I am willing to be ME to create (my) SOLID GROUND' support

My aim is to is the empowerment of your inner strength in order for you to make infomed choices. I offer a personal trajectory where I will guide you, and if needed refer you to other coaches, resources, etc. My coaching/facilitator sessions will start from 125,00 euros per hour, ex taxes. When you invite me to support your particular process, there will be a free of charge intake session. Possible referrals will be extra.


4. Bemiddeling bij arbeidsconflicten (Dutch)

Seperate page.

5. Creative process and website building

Coming soon on a seperate website.