woensdag 17 augustus 2022

Goodmorning Gorgeous

Good Morning Gorgeous (song by Mary J. Blige)

Goodmorning Sunshine.

At waking, lying gathering myself,
I decided to have joy be my guide
Accept what is,
for my mental health, my overall health.
I decided to enjoy the water.
I once I quit the pill when I realised I could not feel drops of water on my skin anymore.
One of my favorite things.
It was the 'druppel die emmer deed overlopen'. (a Dutch saying, the drop that made the bucket overflow; the last straw.)

A morning where I did not start by putting up my hair because of the heat,
and dried the windowsills from the rain seeping in.

This is my live.
These are my drops.
There is too much unconscious still that rules my perception and running my course.


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