woensdag 20 april 2022

Wanderlust and positive triggers

I get why I like this place, the Wilhelminapier in Rotterdam. I have wanderlust, inherited. I crave going beyond the horizon, beyond what I can perceive. I want to absorb what is out there, past, present, future. I feel most alive and at ease the moment right before convention and norms kick in.

It is good and essential to know ones triggers. That is well known for e.g. trauma, but it also applies to the things that feed us, positive triggers. We need the stuff that bring us joy to keep our juices flowing, energizes our life. For pleasure is our birthright. Being happy and feeling supported is the baseline. Seeking out pleasure is vital to living. Like wise woman Karin Bosveld teaches women, I am paraphrasing here: 'Pleasure is not a luxury. If you do not take care of yourself, make yourself the number 1 priority in your life, you will get e.g. drained, burned-out, or bored-out.' I would add: especially in our current societies. That which makes you joyful are the signposts to what we have not been taught to seek and hold on to.
Recently I saw The Trueman Show (podcast #67) with Karin Hamaker-Zondag, an astrologist with a preference for Jungian psychology. She made a point of returning to self with any external situation or circumstance by asking yourself why this particular thing is resonating with you. That goes for happy and stressful moments. An invitation to being honest with yourself, so you can respond from an authentic place rather then being manipulated.

I like to walk through the city of Rotterdam. Plus water compels me (hence the swimming in (cold) open waters each week). During my walks Rotterdam is serving me up plenty. The Wilhelminapier has a history of boats and migrants leaving for new worlds. My ancestors left for Indonesia and America. Before that some from Poland to the Netherlands. When I stand on the edge of this pier I can literally feel that exact moment between still being on known land and the leap into inevitable months, years, maybe eternity. I can almost grab the excitement and sadness. I find it exhilarating and makes me connect with (my) humanness.

Interested in how I actively seek my positive triggers and how that relates to my practice Radical Selflove and -care? Contact me here at Solid Ground. Contact info to the left of this screen.

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