dinsdag 16 juni 2020

LET'S SIT AND TALK - 2nd edition, June 27 2020
Come on white people, connect with me and talk about anti-racism!
(Others are welcome too.)

2 minutes of silent connecting
then open up to talk, listen and share.

Saturday June 27 2020 you can find me at Rotterdam Centraal from 14.00 – 18.00 hours, I will be sitting somewhere on the square in front of the station. There will be two seats. One will be as an open invitation for you to take a seat and connect with me.
Change is here. There is no denying or avoiding it anymore, for instance with all the current demonstrations that are going on around racism, police brutality and violence. And us white people need to figure out how to show up and do our part. To be frank: it is long overdue. So, Let’s GO!

The work of anti-racism is a life long commitment. It can make you feel lonely, depressed, scared. It can bring up isolation, confusion, resistance and anger while you feel the very ground shaking under your feet. I know I feel like that at times. It is time us white people start to share and explore amongst eachother, and not rely on the emotional labor of people of color any longer. It is time for us to visibly show up and be part of the shaping of this new world of connection, compassion, unity and equity.

This is not about me having answers, or white people taking the lead while these changes are going on, or being performative. This not about feeling sorry for ourselves for the hard work we need to do. This is about taking responsibility, sharing, exploring questions like ‘how can we/I contribute’, showing up with the aim to expand in awareness.

So…… Here’s how we’ll do it….
First we will sit and silently connect by looking in eachother’s eyes for 2 minutes. Really drop down and feel the moment. After that we can talk, ask questions, listen, share…. whatever comes up that needs to be discussed and seen.

In this time of covid-19 we feel disconnected with all these rules and regulation. Therefore I will mark 1,5 meters physical distance between the seating and show how we can come together and connect anyway.

I practice Non-violent Communication and Radical Selflove. Please remember to be respectful and open for both of us.

If after this you as a white person would like to explore further on the subject of anti-racism, you are welcome to come and connect here in Project ColorWhite.

If you feel you want to come in support of the cause and work, I would appreciate that.

Merel van Haastert
Project ColorWhite
Solid Ground

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