zondag 15 maart 2020

Invitation for connection

I personally feel that in these current circumstances I am being invited to rise to something I don't fully see or understand yet. Besides being strongly connected to myself and the collective and keeping that connection, there is yes a little fear lurking in me for change I can't seem to grasp just yet. What is it I need to acknowledge or expand? I guess that makes me human in the face of evolving change.
First thing I feel like saying is: to anyone who wants or feels they'd like to connect, share, have someone listen, I am open to having online cups of tea/coffee and just talk/listen. With the mandatory slowing down over the next couple of weeks here in the Netherlands I want to make time for that. This is not a selfless act, I do this for me too.
(Note: I practice Radical Selflove. Jokers who slide me funky DM's or such, or anyone making fun of this in any way, I will block without explanation.)

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